eagle design

eagle design

Introducing our new design

eagle design



we have excellent experience in the field of designing files for laser engraving and cutting. our designers are very experienced in making all kinds of designs for screen printing, UV printing, vector tracing, logo tracing, laser engraving, and laser cutting. Each designer has more than 3 years of experience in his service


Well-Know Service:

we are well known for our laser engraving and cutting design services because we have 14 years of experience in it. we have operated these machines as well and we know all the problems that disturbed the machine while processing That’s why our designs are error-free and compatible with all the laser machines



we have worked with wood / leather / acrylics / PVC and other material


Companies we have worked with:

  1. Credit card engraving companies
  2. wood cutting companies
  3. Laser-cut jewelry companies
  4. dog tag making companies
  5. Small laser engraving companies
  6. Etsy & Amazon Shop owners


software we are using

CorelDraw x7 / Illustrator / Photoshop / LaserWork (RLD) / EZCAD / Inkscape


Formats we can provide



process of order

go to our website chat and discuss your project with our experienced support team. you can also discuss your project on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Gmail. then buy our package suggested by the support team. then we will deliver the files at our discussed timeline


Thanks for your time reading all the descriptions and I hope to have business with you soon

till then you can enjoy working with our design eagle design




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